GTA V Hacks | Generate Free Money and RP!

Everyone likes to be rich in GTA V. But we know that it’s hard if you want to do it legit. That’s why we here at AXUS have developed a special way for you to generate free money and RP. Welcome to our article about GTA V Hacks.

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GTA V Hacks

Everyone likes the feeling of being rich in a video game. Especially when that game is GTA V. You have the opportunity to buy everything you like once you’re rich. Whether you want to spend your money on tuning cars, your bunker, your corporation, … It doesn’t matter. You may be asking why it doesn’t matter? Well, because you have no limits; you have all the money you’ll ever need.

This is an example of the amount you can claim.

gta v hacks example

The RP can come in very handy too because that’s used to determine your in-game level. Your in-game level is then used to determine all kinds of stuff. It’s used to unlock weapons, vehicle upgrades, unlock Pegasus vehicles and much more. If you would take a look at my Social Club account, you can clearly see that – because of this tool – I’m currently level 465, and that I have 353.4 million dollars in the game.

My Social Club profile.

gta v hacks profile

Because of this money, I’ve been able to buy everything I’ve ever wanted in the game. I even have so much money that I’ve decided to buy the Luxor Deluxe. You probably know what the Luxor Deluxe is. That’s the most expensive aircraft in the game. It’s just like the normal Luxor – that’s the plane you always find at LSIA – but then the golden version. It’s completely gold and it costs 10 million in-game dollars.


This is one of the best parts, we at AXUS have designed our GTA V Hacks generator specifically to work on every platform. It works from the PS3 to the PS4, from the XBOX 360 to the XBOX ONE and it also works on the PC. You don’t have to worry about future updates because our technicians have made a built-in AI to automatically adapt our generator for new updates. So that basically means that our generator works at all times. You might consider waiting 10 minutes once a new update has come out because it’s always better to be safe. But once those 10 minutes have passed, it’s safe to say that our AI has done its work.

Tips and Tricks

Once our generator has given you the amount of money you’ve claimed, you should not deposit the amount to your in-game bank account because you’re then more likely to get banned because Rockstar Games does monitor the bank accounts more often than your ‘pocket’. This is spoken from our own experiences. I’ve never deposited my money to my in-game bank account, and I’m glad I didn’t because I would’ve been banned if I did.

A Final Word

We here at AXUS hope that you have enjoyed this article and we sincerely hope that you will have the best GTA V experiences with your new amount of money. We hope to see you back here at AXUS in the future. Also, the best part of our generator is that it has no limits. You can use our GTA V Hacks at any time and as much as you like!

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